The one thing I love to do the most is basically ripped from me. I can’t sleep anymore. I’ve tried taking medication but I guess it’s time to step it up to taking higher doses and different pills just to sleep. Ugh…




I started to make post in flickr about RIPPED MODEL a while ago…but i still see many people keep wearing them so I try to make a post in Tumblr :D!

i choose few of the ripped stuff in these stores, once they did ripped, they are in my blacklist forever :( 

and a list of the store in marketplace or in-world here :D
1. ZMOON COLLECTION (they still keep upload ripped models :D)

2. Manticore (in-world only) (post about this store 2 years ago in flickr…)

3. Elder Scrolls Skyrim dragon

4. AMU - All Meshed Up  (they sell in low prices but..)

5. Elder Scrolls armors

6. JOMO (an old store and owner is Chinese >_>..i don’t trust any of his products )

7. XENO (he can build, no need to ripped stuff and change logo or textures ..come on :U )

8. Ryuuzaki Lane (also many anime hair there too)

9. Stardust (i left a comment there said that is ripped, then he deleted the products, and replace it again lol )

10. Devil & Soul [ D&S ] (many and many anime hair ripped from games, they also put the original source game’s name in every products too , so nice :D)

11. ⒽⒹⓃⓈⓁ Neptunia Shop 超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ (the store name tells you about the ripped model source :D)

12. EvanDelilan (another store ripped the same Lyn ears and tails!)

13. BEST MESH models & statues - HD

I can’t control any people stop buying the stuff there, but support them means unfair to those creators who work hard on build their products :(

many people noticed the ripped model in SL, some of them already contact the original company about those things….but unfortunately, most of the ripped models still there :( 

Ripped content never stop, all i can do is let people know.

more about ripped contents can take a look at Utilizator’s post here. :)

//UPDATE 24Aug : //
Updated TWO more photos of the ripped things :D!!